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Editor’s Picks:

Ajeets displays his disgust with A-WOL's fielding after hitting a single. (2nd)

Kaveesh hits a grounder through the infield for a single.

Kristen looks on as A-WOL fields a grounder, but misfired to Ajeet at 1B.

A-WOL and the outfielders prepare for the next play.

Baserunner looks on as A-WOL fields a grounder for the forceout at 2B.

Eno stops at 2B on a Kristen single. (3rd)

A-WOL makes a strike to 1B from the knees for the force out.

Karina makes contact for a single. (4th)

Ajeet connects for a 2 RBI double ...

... allowing Karina and Kristen to score.

Video of A-WOL hitting a fake ITP HR. (5th)

Eno connects on the first pitch for a triple.
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