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Radar image of a storm passing through the area at 3:00pm.

Radar animation of a storm passing through the area 30 minutes before game time.

Mark helps firm-up the dirt near home plate before the game.

A-WOL and the M's third baseman remove water from the pitching circle.

Eno tosses in the ball after catching a fly-out. (1st)

A-WOL looks on as Kristen fires to 1B for the force-out.

WBZ Spy Chopper 4. (2nd)

Ms. S.B. at bat.

M's 3B makes a running grab of Pete's infield pop-up flair, prior to splashing through a mud puddle.

Mark catching a toss to 1B. (Outcome unknown.) (3rd)

A-WOL tries to chase down an infield blooper.

Kaveesh waves to the crowd after scoring his first career run. (4th)

Ajeet and Naren look-on as Kaveesh continues to wave to the crowd.

Pete stands on 3B after hitting a triple.

A-WOL tries to toss out the batter after she hits a ball to the mound.

Eno looks on as A-WOL deflects a line-drive to Kristen, who then records the force-out at 2B.
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