Cumulative Stats
Last updated: 10/06/2011

Please refer to Changes to Cumulative Stats Structure for recent changes to how cumulative statistics are being collected.

NOTE: For games that end in a forfeit, players who attended the official game, the scrimmage game played thereafter, or both will be credited with attending at most 1 game.

Stats by Game
  • Game 1: Free Play
  • Game 2: Tufts Health Plan Corp.
  • Game 3: Up To Date
  • Game 4: Racepoint Group
  • Game 5: Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Game 6: Mass Medical Society (PPD)
  • Game 7: Milestones, Inc
  • Game 8: Mass Medical Society (Make-up)
  • Game 8s: Scrimmage Game

  • Game P1: Playoffs - Semi-finals
  • Game P1s: Scrimmage Game
  • Game P2: Playoffs - Finals (SKIPPED)

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