Notes for Game 02
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Game date: July 7, 2011

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Coach’s Game Analysis:

7/7/11 was a nice day for a softball game. Unfortunately, the team was only able to round-up 6 players for Game 2. As a result, the team was forced to forfeit the match.

In place of the game, Tuffs agreed to hold a practice session. It was attend by all 10 of their players, along with Elliott, A-WOL, Pete and Kristen from Verdasys.

At the start of practice, it was learned that the 2 teams at Cusick field had encountered a similar situation, where one team was forced to forfeit. They had planned to play a scrimmage game, but only a total of 4 people came. And so, the remnants from the match-ups at Cusick and Middlebrook fields came together for a 9-on-9 scrimmage game.

Final score: 7-3

Game Highlights:

- Elliott started at 1B. Said the position was "easy". "Let everyone else go get the ball and throw it to me. I'll catch it. If I don't catch it, it means you threw the ball wrong"

- Final out was made in right field. Ball was hit directly at the glove of the fielder, who then made the catch.

- This was Verdasys' 3rd forfeit in 5 games, spanning from last season.

A-WOL Watch:

Game was attended and photographed by A-WOOF (Andy Wolan Official Organization of Fans), A-WOL's fan club.

1 for 4 with one run scored.
- Force out at third,
- Fly out to left
- Force out at second. Would then score from first on an ITP HR.
- Grounder through short for hit.

Played SS for game. 2 put outs, 3 assists, one error.
- Force out to Eno at 1B
- Fly out to short
- Force out to 2B
- Fly out in shallow left center
- Error on grounder to short. (Lost sight of ball. May not have gotten behind ball properly. Or weak glasses prescription? A-WOOF has volunteered to take A-WOL to the doctor for an eye check-up.)
- Force out to third to nab lead runner
- Got out of way of a fly ball to allow FOF to grab ball. (Went back to try and get it, but was called off. Dove on ground to avoid interfering with fielder.)

Andy Wolan is a reporter and photographer for Verdasys Softball. This story was not subject to the approval of the league or its clubs.