Uniform Number Index
Last Updated: 8/17/2012

The following is a list of uniform numbers and the player that wore each particular number. Players from the past and present are shown.

The original printing of t-shirts was done in 2008. Around 50 t-shirts were made. The 2011, a second printing of 18 t-shirts was made to replenish the team's depleted stock. The numbering from both printings partially overlap, meaning it is possible for a player to either retain their original number, have a new number, or share a number with a player between printings.

The uniform numbers in 2008 were printed in "black" ink, while those in the 2011 were printed in "red" ink. For this reason, it is common to refer to uniform numbers by their color instead of the year in which they were assigned.




Uniform Number Index
Spreadsheet listing the uniform numbers for current and past players. Includes numbers assigned after the 2008 and 2011 t-shirt printings.