Notes for Game 05
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Game date: July 27, 2011

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  1 2 3 4 5 6 7   R H HR
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6 10 2 9 X X X   27 X 1
0 0 1 0 X X X   1 8 0
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Coach’s Game Analysis:

We went up against the 2010 divisional champions. When our roster was compared to their roster, the two teams were clearly mismatched. We ended the game after 4 innings because everyone on our team had become tired. Final score was 27-1.

Despite playing at a disadvantage, we accomplished a few things at Game 5:
 - We were not shut-out.
 - Elliott made a certified “fall on field”.
 - Someone on the opposing team actually visited the team website. In fact, this opponent read deep enough to learn about my playing time in Berkshire country.

Though the team has not won a game since 2009, things could be worse: we could be the Seattle Mariners and be on an 18-game losing streak. And to think, the Mariners actually practice and get paid!

For today’s game, we switched Pete and A-WOL to SS and CF, respectively. Naren took 3B until he had to leave in the 3rd. Things played out the way I had expected at SS and 3B, with both Pete and Naren making plays at their respective positions.

Overall, the team had trouble making plays, which gave our opponent many free outs. Because of this, our fielders were out on the field for most of the game, and grew tired as the game went on. Their on-field fatigue eventually led to simple plays being missed. By the fourth inning, players were dragging their feet, which was understandable.

The opposing team spent most of their time sitting on the bench, so it as easy for them to chase after each play when it came time.

Our team spent most of their time fielding. Combine that with an empty bench of spare players, then you can understand why our batters were not 100% focused during their limited number of at-bats. The top of the line-up did manage a 2-out rally to score our only run.

Opposing team had a few players that liked to hit the ball into shallow LF behind 3B. Their team had two lefties, both of which were containable with a shift.

Some players on the opposing team toned things down after it was obvious the two teams were greatly mismatched. (See “memorable events” below for examples.)

Game Highlights:

Memorable Events:
 - Certified "fall-on-field" for Eno in 3rd. With Eno on 1B, Pete hit the ball in an area that could have led to a double. While rounding 2B, Eno slipped, thus limiting both players to a single base.
 - As a ball slipped into RF from a base hit, Karina fielded the ball. A-WOL came in and told Karina to throw the ball to him, so that they could relay the ball to the infield. She instead threw the ball over A-WOL, so that the ball landed midway between her and the infield. (Was funnier in person.)
 - After hitting a ball that passed by the outfielder, the TF batter stopped at first to limit the hit to a long single.
 - On an infield grounder, runner on opposing team walked from 1B to 2B to draw a force-out. Unfortunately, we were not able to control the ball to make the out.
 - When asked about the team's 0-4 record, Ajeet said, "Ya, we lose, but at least we're consistent."
 - “From the team website.” Comment made by the TF Coach on how she learned that A-WOL once played in Berkshire Country.

Big Bats:
Kristen:1 for 2 with 1 RBI.
Pete:1 for 2.

Web Gems:
Naren:snagged a high line drive towards 3B.

A-WOL Watch:

Started in CF. 1 put-out, 1 assist. Many balls fielded. Had easier time tracking fly balls thanks to glasses. Could have made at least two more fly outs in CF had I charged the ball fully, instead of letting the ball drop safely in front of me.

 - Had several balls hit in my area that I fielded, but was not quick enough to try and catch.
 - Fielded a ball hit into shallow RF and tossed ball to Pete at 2B for force-out.
 - While progressing to RF for the shift, made a catch of a fly ball hit into RF.
 - Fielded a ball hit into shallow RF (same batter and runner), but overthrew it to Pete at 2B. No play.

0 for 2. 2nd consecutive game without a hit.
 - Infield fly pop-up. (Used heavy bat to try and hit ball into RF with runners on 1B and 2B)
 - Fly ball to LF.

Andy Wolan is a reporter and photographer for Verdasys Softball. This story was not subject to the approval of the league or its clubs.