Notes for Game 04
Battle of South Pod IV
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Game date: July 21, 2011

Score Box
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7   R H HR
0 0 1 2 1 X X   4 12 0
Racepoint Group
6 8 0 2 X X X   16 X 0
Game Media
Stats from the Game

CRPG (loan)
FOFRPG (loan)
Coach’s Game Analysis:

Well, we accomplished several things during Thursday’s game:
 - we avoided a forfeit, which was big in itself,
 - we scored some runs and avoided a shut-out,
 - no one got heat stroke, and
 - we watched A-WOL hit a fake HR.

Final score was 16-4, which is roughly the same score we had against RPG last year, or 15-4. (That’s the second game in a row in which a score from the previous season matched events from this season. Eerie.)

The Hot Weather:
A hazy, hot and humid day with temperatures in the 90’s does not sound like a comfortable day for an outdoor activity. But it turned out to be a fairly enjoyable outing.

About 2 hours before game time, a cool breeze from the south started blowing. It was later accompanied by fair-weather clouds. By game time, these two elements combined to help shield the players from the sun, while helping them stay cool from the heat.

Forfeit Avoiding Negotiation:
Verdasys arrived with just 7 players. To avoid a forfeit, and to allow the opposing team to get in some play time, Verdasys and Racepoint Group (RPG) agreed to play a result-binding game under the following conditions:

 - RPG would lend Verdasys a non-fielding catcher.
 - RPG would lend Verdasys a participating fielder, who could be played anywhere that Verdasys saw fit. The player would change after each inning.
 - Verdasys could just bat with their 7 players, with no penalty for missing women players.
 - Because of the heat, the game would be 5 innings long.
 - Verdasys would bat first so that the game could end sooner ...

In the second inning with Ajeet on 2B and Kaveesh on 1B, A-WOL hit a pop-fly near first base. After the ball was caught, the fielder doubled-up Kaveesh for a double play. Upon review after the game, the pop-fly should have been declared an “infield fly,” which would have led to one out and not two. We need to be more observant of such situations in future games, because they can help our cause.

Overall, the batting line-up performed well.

We were not playing at our best, fielding wise. Then again, a lack of practice, coupled with a rotating fielder didn’t make things easy.

Game Highlights:

Memorable Events:
 - Game was the Verdasys Softball debut for Kaveesh Mishra. It was his first cricket / baseball game in 10 years.
 - “Keep running, Elliott. Go for a real homerun, not like me.” Comment made by A-WOL regarding his fake ITP HR as Elliott was running the bases for a triple.
 - Game was played on the day that the US Space Shuttle Program officially ended.

Web Gems:
Kaveesh:Force-out at 3B by tagging the bag ... with the ball in hand.
RPG:double play (F3-U3). Hit should have been declared an "infield fly," leading to just one out, not a double play.
Verdasys:double play (F10-4). Unknown sub from RPG in shallow left field to Kristen at 2B.

Big Bats:
Kristen:3 for 4 with an RBI and 1 run scored.
Ajeet:2 for 3 (2B) with 3 RBIs.
Elliott:2 for 4 with 2 runs scored.

A-WOL Watch:

Held a private A-WOOF Fan Club Appreciation party before the game. The party included burgers, veggie burgers, chips, potato salad, and soft drinks! Game was attended and photographed by A-WOOF as well. Following the game, A-WOL treated the A-WOOF Fan Club to baked goods.

Played SS for the game. 3 put-outs, 2 assists, 1 possible error, 1 no-go play. (Exact order unknown)
 - L6
 - 6-3
 - F6
 - 6-4
 - F6
 - Had grounder that was out-of-reach deflected off of shin on right foot. (Ball missed padding ... no injury.)
 - Fielded a ball near pitcher but had no play at 1B because I could have hit base-runner by throwing ball to 1B. (Ajeet was positioned on 1B incorrectly.)
 - Mis-threw ball to 1B on grounder behind the mound. (Didn’t target Ajeet correctly.)

0 for 3
 -  With Ajeet on 2B and Kaveesh on 1B, tried to hit ball into right field, but instead popped it up to 1B. Kaveesh was then doubled up on 1B. (Pop-fly should have been declared as an infield fly.)
 - Fly out to LF
 - Fouled out. Was trying to hit ball down the line and out of reach of Left fielder, but kept hitting the ball too much into foul territory. Last pitch was hit close to the line, but foul. Ran around bases for fake ITP HR.

Andy Wolan is a reporter and photographer for Verdasys Softball. This story was not subject to the approval of the league or its clubs.